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Let’s face it; the world today looks a whole lot different than it did when we were growing up. Our kids and teens are spending less time in motion. They spend much of the day inside the classroom or in front of the computer. Social distancing and remote learning are beneficial in preventing the spread of viruses, but they bring negative consequences for our overall health and wellness.


Solid movement patterns and progressions allow teens at all levels to achieve physical and mental gains. We target weak areas and overall fitness with the primary goal being for every teen to leave feeling confident and accomplished. As a strong, well-balanced athlete, participants will be at less risk for injury and by keeping it fun, we invest in developing a lifelong love of movement and fitness. The Teens group meets M-Th at 4 PM.


Play, sport, and fitness are the focus of our Kids class. We play games to warm up and practice skills, as well as to reward hard work in class. We work on skills from throwing and kicking to running and jumping; all while getting our heart rates up and moving our bodies. The goal is to immerse the kids in a positive and playful environment where they learn to associate exercise, movement and skill practice with fun. The Kids group meets Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM.

Still have questions? Come try a class on us. The first class is free. Email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to talk more.

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