We Cannot Be Silent


We Cannot Be Silent

“Catacombs are places of reverence and refuge where one goes to search their soul, to find out who they really are, to refine themselves into the person they want to be.” I wrote those words in 2014 with boundless optimism and a dream of creating a gym that welcomed everyone. I wanted Catacombs to be a safe place for anyone with a goal of improving their health and fitness to do that work and to find support and encouragement to make those changes stick.

This remains our mission.

We aligned ourselves with CrossFit because we believe in the fitness model. It works. I have seen many, many lives transformed through the simplicity of the CrossFit model–mine being one of them. Over the years, I have been proud to be an affiliate as CrossFit took up the fight against diabetes, sought solutions for our healthcare system, and exposed the truth around processed foods and sugary drinks and the industries that perpetuate misinformation. I fundamentally agree that fitness and wellness are the cure for chronic disease in many, many cases. CrossFit has carried this banner for years and I am grateful to have been a very small part of it.

Over the weekend however, it became apparent that the values of CrossFit’s CEO, Greg Glassman, no longer align with our core beliefs and values. After much consideration and discussion as a coaching staff, we are compelled to distance ourselves from the position taken by Glassman and CrossFit Inc. While there is gray area in his words, at best it represents a lack of sensitivity toward the current situation in our country and is divisive. At worst, it represents overt racism and downplays the seriousness of this moment in history. No matter the interpretation, It is unconscionable to remain silent and complicit with these positions. Politics have no place at Catacombs. Neither do injustice, oppression, or exclusivity. We cannot remain a part of it.

As such, we will immediately begin the process of de-affiliating from CrossFit as an organization. Our name will change but our values will remain. Our gym will remain a safe space for the pursuit of fitness and health. We will continue to work to inspire transformational change in the lives of our members and our community. We will continue to welcome all and believe in justice and fairness for all.