Updates and Reminders


Updates and Reminders

Hello Catacombs Family–

It’s been a minute so I wanted to reach out with some updates and announcements. It has been fantastic to see your happy faces back in the gym and reconnect.

Things are far from normal in our community, but I am more grateful than ever for the opportunity for fitness and community. As we gradually reopen, we are making a couple of changes to better accommodate you and make sure that we all stay safe and can stay open. I am also going to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our operating rules and requirements.

We are bumping capacity in our early morning classes. We will structure the classes to have half of the class inside and half outside, then we will switch as needed depending on equipment requirements in each workout. We need to make sure that our indoor space does not become too congested. This will necessitate a change in programming and class structure but we have no doubt that we can deliver exceptional training with this format. In fact, many of you will like it better. We are adding a second coach in the early morning as well. Please be mindful of the rest of the community when signing up for classes

Also, please remember that face coverings are required in our business. There is an allowance to remove your face covering while exercising. Please bring a face covering to class and wear it until it is time to workout. We do not want to lose this privilege and more importantly, we do not want to get anyone sick.

Finally, if you are visiting from out of town, we cannot currently accommodate drop-ins. This is for the safety of our members and to allow us to operate within our capacity constraints. 

These continue to be challenging times and we appreciate your patience as we navigate them as best we can.