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Step 1: Let go of your fear!

Come talk with us about where you are in your fitness journey. 

  • What is your baseline? Don’t worry about where you are today—we all start somewhere.
  • What are your goals?
  • What are the obstacles that hold you back?
  • What are your concerns?
  • How can we help?

No stress, no commitment. We will show you around the gym, give you an overview of who we are and what we are about, answer your questions, and formulate a plan for moving forward.

Step 2: Lay a Foundation—The First 30 Days

Athletes new to Catacombs work one-on-one with a coach. The first month includes a mix of private training and group classes. Consistency and accountability are the focus. Our goal is to help you establish a solid routine and make meaningful gains right from the start.

Step 3: Build on Success

Completing the First 30 Days is a milestone; it is also just the beginning. Whether you choose to join group classes or stay with private training, your coach will continue to keep you accountable and on track to accomplish your goals.

We understand that just getting to the door can be intimidating and that everyone is starting in a different place. The only expectation is that you commit to giving us 100% of your best effort. In return, we commit to giving you world class coaching in a small group setting, maximizing your valuable workout time, and making REAL IMPROVEMENT in your fitness. We genuinely care about each of our athletes and are obsessed with keeping you safe and progressing toward your goals. You will not find a more welcoming or caring community in which to work on your fitness. We unfailingly support one another in the pursuit of better versions of ourselves.

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