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Fitness Drives Health

This is a delicate post to write but it has been on my mind for many weeks now. Like many of you, I have pondered how I personally, as well as Catacombs collectively can contribute to the overall health of our community—both now and into the future. I’ve struggled with how to communicate these deeply held beliefs in a sensitive and responsible way. Yet the message is too important to leave unsaid.


Now More Than Ever

The task of writing a blog post has been sitting on my “To Do” list for too many days now. I love writing to you guys and there is never a shortage of thoughts that I want to share with you. Sometimes though, motivation is in short supply or I let perfection get in the way of progress. Let’s remedy that today. Because even though our doors are closed, we need each other now more than ever. If your exercise routine is not what you want it to be right now, you need to read this!

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