Coaching Staff Announcements


Coaching Staff Announcements

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Hey Catacombs—

We have not one, but two super exciting announcements to relay to you. First, Coach Suz has completed her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. This is an extremely rigorous course in understanding metabolism, nutrition, and physiology that takes most health and wellness professionals many months to complete. Suz applied her tenacity and work ethic to crank it out in far less time. Combined with her Healthy Steps Nutrition coursework, she now has even more tools in her nutrition tool box to help you meet your weight loss or weight management goals. Learn more about her nutrition program at Ignite Nutrition or set up a free consultation with her to get the skinny on how to work with her one on one.

Next, we are excited to welcome Coach Brian Miller to the Catacombs Team. Brian brings loads of experience working with athletes recovering from injuries as well as seniors working to maintain independence and functional fitness. We are eager to incorporate his specialties and skills into our private training tool box. Outside of the gym, he is father to two boys and an accomplished triathlete that maintains a rigorous training regimen. Coach Brian will work primarily in a private training role, but please introduce yourselves and welcome him and his clients to Catacombs.