Welcome Ricky!


Welcome Ricky!


I promise I will finish Part 2 of the Consistency post here real soon, but I need to interrupt that series for a quick announcement that Ricky is in house! Or, at least he will be on Monday. We are excited to announce that Ricky Frausto has joined our coaching staff and you will be seeing a lot of him starting in December. He will also be here this week helping to cover while Linda is on vacation. Don’t let the intensity scare you…there’s a warm smile buried under there.

Ricky has been around the CrossFit world for a long time and in the fitness and conditioning realm even longer. He has achieved the highest level of CrossFit certification (CF-L4) which puts him in a very small circle of the best of the best. He’s also an accomplished Master’s athlete. The best part of this package might be wife Crystal, son Damian, and daughter Teagan. No doubt Team Frausto will be a great addition to the Catacombs family.

Please welcome them when you seen them in the gym.