January Nutrition with a Twist


January Nutrition with a Twist


I know you are all still thick in the holiday revelry, but we are already thinking about how to get everyone back on track in January. The Whole Life Challenge (WLC) is our favorite way to do this for all of the reasons outlined below. But new this year, we are offering individual accountability coaching along with the WLC to help you stay on track and get the most benefit out of it.

The January Whole Life Challenge is often the biggest and best of the year. It is six weeks of focused nutrition and lifestyle work. We do it together; holding each other accountable and providing encouragement and support. You choose your level of buy-in on the nutrition front and the WLC gives you a way to track your progress and stay focused. You get the added benefit of tracking hydration, sleep, and a handful of other lifestyle practices. And my favorite part of the WLC is the relationships that are built through reflections and the community component.

This time around, we are offering a new option to help you make the WLC even more successful. We all need a coach and sometimes it’s hard to ask for the help we need in a group. Accountability coaching is a new way to get personalized help setting your nutrition goal, choosing your level of buy-in, and regular one-on-one check-ins throughout the challenge to keep you accountable. Our hope is that it bridges the gap between the WLC and our full blown Ignite Nutrition program.

Here is how it works:

  • Sign up for Accountability Coaching prior to the start of Whole Life Challenge.

  • Schedule and intake meeting with our nutrition coach (Suz) to talk about your goals for the challenge, choose your level of buy-in, and complete biometric measurements (weight, measurements, body fat percentage).

  • Meet with Coach Suz during Weeks 2 and 4 to check-in, track progress, and adjust course if needed.

  • Meet with Coach Suz for post challenge measurements/weight and wrap up.

Cost for Accountability Coaching is $155 and includes 4 face to face meetings plus email support. You can register here. This program is designed to work in conjunction with the Whole Life Challenge but you must register for the WLC through their site here. Accountability Coaching is limited to 10 participants. We want to make sure we can deliver maximum value to those choosing to participate.