Announcing the Slay the Season Challenge!


Announcing the Slay the Season Challenge!


Big news today crew. Your coaches have been dreaming and scheming and have we got a deal for you. We’ve been talking about consistency (see Part 1 here and Part 2 here) but we all know that talk is cheap and action saves. So, we’ve devised a holiday challenge to keep you on track with your fitness commitments through the holidays. Not only are we going to help you avoid the holiday slump (and the extra pounds), we are also going to give you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. Read on for all the details on the Slay the Season Challenge.

Don’t be one of the weary holiday survivors who eat and drink their way through December then drag themselves through the doors in early January with 10 extra pounds. You’ve worked too hard all year to let everything slide now. Stress and busyness are at an all time high between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. And yes, we know there are office parties and cookies and holiday cocktails to be had. Go ahead and partake in the ones that really matter to you, but don’t let your fitness routine slide in the process. You deserve to take care of yourself too!

Here is how the Slay the Season Holiday Challenge works:

Complete 20 workouts between November 25th and January 1st and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of 3 Catacombs Gift Certificates ($100, $50, $25). A minimum of 15 workouts (Workout of the Day or Sweat) must be completed at Catacombs (checked into ZenPlanner). FIve workouts may be completed on your own, however you must post the workout that you completed and a post-workout photo to the Catacombs Facebook Group for it to count. (We will post 5 travel workouts that you can choose from at the gym.) Only one workout per day will count toward your 20.

On January 2nd, we will hold a drawing to determine the winners (although everyone who participates will actually be a winner).