Pro Night with Mercy Sports Medicine


Pro Night with Mercy Sports Medicine


We are very excited to announce that Dr. Luke Angel will be at Catacombs once again THIS Tuesday evening at 6 PM. Last month we talked about shoulder health and maintenance. All of us in attendance learned about safe and unsafe positions in our shoulders, how to assess the difference between soreness and injury and some actionable tips to prevent injury and keep our shoulders bombproof. Our coaching staff even incorporated much of this information into our warm up plans and teaching progressions. We could not be more excited to welcome Dr. Angel back to Catacombs for a follow up session.

This months focus is mobility and function in the hip complex. A coaches, we talk a lot about the hips being the power center for explosive movement because so much happens between hip flexors, glutes, and the complex array of tendons and ligaments at the center of it all. But what exactly is this myriad of muscles and connective tissue and how does it work? Learn how tightness or disfunction in a component of the hip complex can lead to injury or poor function in other parts of your body.  You will come away with a new understanding of what’s working and what isn’t working as well as how to fix it. 

This will be a very special night that you don’t want to miss. Understanding how your body works is an important component in taking control of your health and fitness. Catacombs will provide refreshments. Come prepared to move as we will do some active assessment.