Meet Kristin–and make our community better.


Meet Kristin–and make our community better.


If you have been to 5:30 AM class more than once, chances are you have met Kristin Pulatie. She’s a friendly, hard-working soul that consistently shows up and starts her day at Catacombs…especially when it isn’t mountain bike season. She is also the Director of Assessment and Planning San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH). Her job is to gather data about the health of our community and use it to help make our community better. SJBPH is the local public health agency serving all residents of Archuleta and La Plata counties. They monitor, investigate, and communicate the health conditions affecting our communities with a mission of protecting human and environmental health and inspiring well-being in our community. 

Inspiring well-being in our community sounds like something Catacombs should get behind. As part of Kristin’s role, she is heading up our Community Health Assessment Survey which will help determine where SJBPH focuses its resources in the coming years. While public health may not be at the top of your “things that keep me up at night” list, they provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable groups in our community as well as our community as a whole. It is very important that they get input from all sectors for this survey and they have asked for our help. Please help by taking a few minutes to complete this survey:

San Juan Basin Community Health Assessment Survey

All answers are anonymous and it takes most people less than 15 minutes. If anyone is interested in participating in a face to face focus group to give additional input, contact Kristin at [email protected]. They will be scheduling those interviews in the coming weeks.