Weekend Thoughts and Labor Day Schedule


Weekend Thoughts and Labor Day Schedule

I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic Labor Day weekend. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to be grateful for this amazing place where we get to live. This weekend is serving as a much needed breather for me and my family after the push of the gym move and the start of school and all its craziness. We are enjoying staying put and taking advantage of our mountains, the river, and the best climate anywhere. It has also been a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and just “hang out”.  

We will be running a regular schedule tomorrow for Labor Day and we will be doing the Hero WOD known as “Holleyman” in honor of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman who was killed in Iraq in 2004. If you have the day off, branch out and come get your workout in at a time that works with your holiday plans. We will be here.  

I thought you guys might enjoy the video clip above. Coach Glassman has been on fire lately taking on the sweetened beverage industry and talking openly about CrossFit being the cure to chronic disease. Not “the cure” in a traditional medical sense, but in the sense that consistent high intensity exercise coupled with a healthy diet and a community that keeps you coming back turns the tide on high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so much more. These are the topics that resonate most deeply with me and the reason that our community exists. 

You need a subscription to the CrossFit Journal to watch the whole video, but you can get the gist of it from the clip above. At the end of the day, I care far less about how many pull ups I can do or what my 1-rep max back squat is at 45 years old than about maintaining the strength and functionality to live a rich and full life to the end of my days. CrossFit gives me the best odds out there for doing just that. 

I think what we’re all looking for is not just a longer life, but a better life.
— Greg Glassman