Both sides of the gym rocking the WLC intake workout on Friday. It is not too late to join :)

Both sides of the gym rocking the WLC intake workout on Friday. It is not too late to join 🙂

I spend a lot of time talking to people about Catacombs. Sometimes it is a prospect with whom I am doing an introductory session but often it comes up within a few minutes of casual conversation in other settings. I can rattle off the benefits of our amazing community, the qualifications and genuine caring of our coaches, and why I believe what we offer is truly unique among fitness options. Lately though, I have been talking a lot about accountability in these chats. I’m not sure why that his been such a common theme, but I am going to hypothesize that perhaps it is what we all need a little bit more of. You see, setting goals or desiring to make a change is the easy part. The wheels rarely fall off in the shiny new phase of tackling a new habit. It is in the daily grind of methodically and incrementally inching toward a goal that things begin to get real. 

Now, if you are like me, that begins with some rationalization. And trust me, I am good at this one. So good, that sometimes I can even fool myself. I make a plan to get my workout in during the only possible window, but when that time comes, I check my email to see if there is anything pressing that I should attend to first. Sound familiar?

I have found that setting up some accountability is a great way to combat this. At Catacombs, we do this through class sign up and positive peer pressure. We talk about the expectation that when you sign up, you are committing to be there. This makes your workout a priority as well as creating accountability. Skip a couple of classes and we are going to notice. That’s just part of the deal. For me personally, if I’ve had a string of failures like the one described above, I shoot a text to a friend and invite them to workout with me at a specific time. Or, worse yet, I’ll text a couple of coaches and tell them my plan so that I won’t be able to get out of it no matter what comes up.

We have a lot of new folks coming into the gym right now from our Foundations programs. We are going to slow that process down a little bit to help our new folks get acclimated. If you have been around for awhile, reach out to one of them and make a workout date. Not only will you be extending the warm welcome of our community, but you will both reap the benefits of accountability. Try it and see for yourself how powerful it is.