Important Information!


Important Information!

I'm sure gonna miss this place...

I’m sure gonna miss this place…

Thanks to everyone that helped lay mats last weekend. We got that accomplished in record time and they look fantastic. While you wouldn’t know it by looking at either space right now, we are less than a week away! Here is the plan and some important updates.

Regular group classes on the normal schedule will be held at our current space through Monday, July 31st. We will be closed August 1-3 to finish construction and get final inspections done (hopefully). We will reopen at our new location on Friday for regular group classes. 

Many of you have said you want to help. While we certainly appreciate all offers and will gladly put you to work, you will not earn “Get Out of Burpees Free” cards or brownie points. So please don’t feel obligated. Everyone can help by taking all of your personal items home from the gym. Once you’ve done that, here are the other areas where we can use helping hands:

Friday after 4PM: We will be doing a big cleanup from the construction mess at the new space. Think sweeping, mopping, scrubbing. A crew of 3-5 CrossFitters will knock this out in a couple of hours. If you want to help, bring a broom/mop/shop-vac and meet me at the new space around 4PM.

Saturday/Sunday at 9:30 (after 8:30 class): We begin a procession of moving equipment from old gym to a storage unit at the new gym. We will have crews loading, drivers, and crews unloading. If you are handy with tools bring them; we will also have a crew removing stuff from the walls, disassembling the pull up structure, and taking down shelves. There will be a coach in charge for each project. It seems like a lot, but many hands make light work and you guys are some motivated go-getters! There is a chance we can get this all wrapped up in a single day, which would be awesome. We will finish all unfinished tasks on Sunday and clean up the old gym in anticipation of handing it off end of day on Monday. 

Thanks all for your support during this transition. Questions? Ask a coach!