Thank You Coaches


Thank You Coaches

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the coaching staff. As athletes, you appreciate the attention, energy, and caring that they bring to every class and private training session. The little things that they make a part of their practice such as following up with athletes after a particularly tough workout or checking in when you’ve been gone for awhile demonstrate how much they really care. The hours at home spent researching movement fixes or better ways to teach demonstrate their passion. The level of commitment and professionalism of our coaches is unheard of in the fitness industry.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I purchased an AED for Catacombs. While I hope we never need to use it and it was a big financial investment, it could save someone’s life and it was the right thing to do. Last week, our coaching staff voluntarily updated their CPR and AED skills to make sure they were prepared in the event of a medical emergency at the gym. Sure, we had a good time and goofed around a fair amount, but the time was their own. I think it says a lot about their values that it was important enough for them to carve out the time to attend.

As the owner and a member of this coaching staff, I also appreciate their genuine commitment to one another personally and in helping each other improve as coaches and human beings. They have each other’s backs but also hold each other accountable for being the best they can be. I couldn’t imagine a more solid crew of people with whom to spend my working days. Thanks coaches for all you do.

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