Purgatory Muck & Mire


Purgatory Muck & Mire

Hey Guys–

I know many of you are in the midst of training and racing for your various sports. As always, we are happy to support you in your endeavors outside of the gym. Whether it is biking, backpacking, skiing, climbing, or river shenanigans, the work we do in the gym makes us better at what we love to do outside of the gym. If you don’t yet have an event on the calendar, OR you are just looking for a fun community event to put your fitness to the test, you do not want to miss the Purgatory Muck & Mire. 

This event is AWESOME. It combines running and obstacles and great scenery and of course, MUD. Catacombs sponsors this event because it is a great community event that is family friendly and right in our own backyard. Many of you have done this event in the past and raved about how much fun it was. Get it on your calendar and let’s get a big crew of folks out to participate. 

We have our own team (Catacombs Fitness) on the Muck & Mire registration page and you can sign up directly here. Or, check out the race details here but make sure you select Catacombs Fitness as your team. As an added incentive, use the coupon code “catacombs” to knock $7 off each registration.