Circle Up


Circle Up

Not wasting any time getting to work...

Not wasting any time getting to work…

What an amazing weekend between the Iron Horse, Murph and recognizing the sacrifices made by so many on this Memorial Day. We had a big crew representing Catacombs for the ride to Silverton and in the IHBC mountain bike race. Congratulations to all of you for getting out there and testing your fitness. We had over 50 athletes present and participating in the annual Memorial Day Murph event. It was a great crew honoring the tradition of recognizing our fallen members of the Armed Services through a Hero Workout and a moment of silence. Thank you all for your participation and support.

As you may have seen on social media last week, we officially completed the purchase of the former Model Tire Store and have begun the renovations to make it our new home. Many of you have asked how you can help and I am humbled by your offers. We will work with our contractors to identify some projects and work days where you can put your fitness to work and help move the project along.  August 1st is the target date to officially make the move. We will keep you updated on our progress and how you can help. Finally, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Andrew Schill and Dianne Heleno for helping us get to this point. There is NO WAY this would have happened without their guidance, expertise and generosity.

As we move into summer, we are not anticipating any major changes to the schedule. Classes are generally smaller this time of year as many of us start getting more of our workouts in outdoors. It’s a great opportunity to get to know some of the many new athletes we are welcoming to Catacombs and get some more focused coaching. Set some goals and let one of the coaches know so we can help push you along. As for me, I hope to be present more at the gym coaching and participating in group classes and emanating a lot less stress than the past month. Fortunately, when building out the new gym takes me away, we have a solid crew of coaches that you have all come to know and trust to keep things running smoothly. 

Thanks all for being such an amazing family and community. Your support means more than you will ever know. See you in the gym!