Introducing Take That!


Introducing Take That!

That's Molly on the left. Few have more fun working out that she does.

That’s Molly on the left. Few have more fun working out that she does.

Hey Guys–

It is with great excitement that I write today to introduce you to another local business run by our very own Molly (and her husband Chris of course). Take That is a meal prep service that specializes in healthy dinners that you can grab on your way home to easily and economically feed yourself or your family. Even better, you can feel good about it because Molly and Chris prepare everything by hand with locally sourced ingredients and leave out the sugar and artificial ingredients.

They are just getting off the ground and we are very excited to support them. Right now they have delicious Polpettone di Barbaro (that’s Italian Meatloaf for the non-chefs out there). I personally sampled this and will vouch for its awesomeness. It comes in 1-pound containers that you can put right in the oven for $9.99. Pair it with a salad and dinner is DONE. Full disclosure: this version has asiago cheese in it so if you don’t eat cheese, hold tight for the next option. It is gluten free however and 100% delicious.

Pick yours up TODAY at WJ Doyle Liquor Store (also owned by Chris and Molly) just down the street from us. They are using this as their storefront for now but everything is prepared in a totally legit commercial kitchen. Throw it in the oven tonight for a quick and easy dinner or leave it in the fridge for a few days and pull it out when you need it. These guys are about to be a regular staple in the Holcomb family household. I hope you will join me in supporting them.

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  1. Molly hamilton

    Thank you so much for the great review!! We have been super busy baking and cooking! We would love to have feed back and ideas about our meals. Thank you so much for your support it means a lot to us. Hopefully we will a current menu accessible soon.