Merry Merry!


Merry Merry!


I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and finding a more relaxed pace as we take a deep breath between Christmas and New Year’s. We have regularly scheduled classes for the rest of the week even though we may not have the regular faces coaching those classes. Make sure you get those workouts in this week and re-establish your fitness routine.

On Saturday, we will be running the CrossFit Total during Open Gym time. This is a great opportunity to establish some baseline metrics around your lifts with a coach there to help guide you. The CrossFit Total consists of 1-rep maxes for 3 lifts: deadlift, back squat, and press. There is a prescribed process to arrive at these and we will be there to help coach you through it.  While we don’t typically put a ton of emphasis on single rep maxes at Catacombs, they are useful for gauging percentages when we have lifting in our workouts. 

Look for our Annual Member Survey this week and please give us some feedback around how we are doing and where we can improve. We use this information to help us chart our course for the next 12 months.