Shoe Demo Night Next Tuesday


Shoe Demo Night Next Tuesday

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Hey Guys–

I have some super exciting news for you. Many of you have commented or asked about the new shoes I have been sporting at the gym recently. Brett at Durango Running Company asked me to test drive them as Altra now has a shoe designed for our style of working out. I am happy to say that I LOVE them. So, we want to give more of you a chance to try them out and give these guys some feedback. 

On Tuesday, Scott from Altra and Brett from Durango Running Company will be here at Catacombs with lots of pairs of their new CrossFit shoe for you to try during the 5 PM and 6 PM workouts. Come a few minutes early if you want to demo a pair. Workouts will go on as scheduled and we will be prepared to handle a larger crew than usual. Brett and Scott are even providing beer for the occasion. Please sign up for class as usual, but we will be generous with the waitlist. I look forward to seeing you there.