Thank You and Weekly Reading


Thank You and Weekly Reading


What a fun night at Catacombs last night. Thank you to everyone that brought food or just came out to celebrate a night of community. It was overwhelming to see all of you in our new place and recognize how far we have come. Catacombs has been about community from the start and I was reminded again of that last night. Thank you for being what makes Catacombs special.

New t-shirts are out and available and the hoodie pre-order sheets will be there through this week. You do not need to pay for the hoodies in advance, but we will only order a very limited number of extras so please sign up for the one you want if you’re looking to sport a new CFC hoodie in a few weeks. 

And now for your weekend reading… One of our athletes forwarded this on to me and I found it fascinating. You will too. It talks about the connection between food, alcohol, and recreational drugs with the reward center of the brain and the role that stress has as a mediator in that connection. It’s from the New York Times so you don’t need a PhD to understand it. Here is the link: What Cookies and Meth Have in Common. Give it a read this weekend.