Sunday Morning Benchmarks


Sunday Morning Benchmarks

Hey Guys–

One of the things that came out of our goal setting session was a desire to have a regular time/schedule to test some benchmark workouts. While we do repeat workouts on occasion for this purpose, it is often unannounced. That makes it tough to compare and subsequently tough to measure your progress. Until now.

In an effort to meet more of your needs, we are going to test a Sunday morning rotating benchmark series. We have chosen 6 workouts that will serve as fitness benchmarks. They vary in time domain, skills involved, loads and movements. These workouts will cycle through as the Workout of the Day every other Sunday. Over the course of 3 months, you will have the opportunity to test all 6 workouts. Then, we will start back over at the beginning. You will see each workout once per quarter on a predictable schedule. Test all 6 or just pick a couple that you want to use to track your progress. The first Sunday Morning Benchmark will be on January 29th. Curious about what the workouts are?  I bet you are. Looks like you’ll have to join us on Sundays to find out. 

Speaking of goal setting sessions, if you have not yet added your goals to the goals board in the main workout area, go ahead sign up for a hefty dose of accountability. It keeps you focused and helps us check up on how things are going. Even better, we will be prepared to celebrate with you when you hit those goals.