Mobility Matters


Mobility Matters

We ask a lot of our bodies on a daily basis. Between long days sitting at a desk or behind the wheel and the workouts we use to make ourselves healthier, sometimes our muscles, joints and connective tissue get a raw deal. While I would much rather spend an hour on a long, sweaty chipper workout, that is not always the best choice for my overall health and fitness. If you keep making withdrawals without ever replenishing the well, eventually it will come up empty.

Sunday morning mobility is not just a great way to spend an hour working through the soreness of the week’s workouts, it is an important injury prevention strategy. Acute injuries happen when we push a muscle group, joint, or connective tissue beyond its comfortable capacity. We are more prone to these injuries when our typical range of motion is decreased. Tight hips or hamstrings? You may be predisposed to hamstring or hip injury. Lacking shoulder range of motion? Be careful in overhead positions. Decreased range of motion is not a death sentence however. It can be improved with targeted mobility work. Why not fix it before you have to rehab an injury?

Chronic or overuse injuries are often a result of compensation for one weak area or muscle group by another. Right knee a little cranky? You may find your left hip starting to complain from compensating for it. Mobility helps with this too. Focused attention early on is always a much better strategy than ignoring it and hoping it goes away. Again, fix it before you have to rehab an injury.

Mobility hour happens on Sunday morning at 9:30. It is a full hour of coach led mobility to improve your range of motion and help prevent acute or chronic injury. It is also just a great way to spend an hour. Join us this week and see what it’s all about.