Whole Life Challenge Info Session


Whole Life Challenge Info Session

Happy Labor Day Weekend–

The Whole Life Challenge starts in 14 days. We have 20+ athletes already registered and many more that have verbally committed but have not yet signed up. I am personally excited to jump into this journey again as the process never fails to raise the bar on many levels in my own life. It also creates the opportunity to form connections with other participating athletes that carry far beyond the challenge. Similar to a CrossFit workout, the beauty is that we are all in it together and can help carry each other along. The camaraderie and connection is one of my favorite parts of the the Whole Life Challenge.

Many of you are still on the fence and that’s okay. Whether you have already signed up and are wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into or are still trying to decide, we are having an information session on Thursday at 6 PM. We will talk through the challenge levels and how the game works.  If you are interested in customizing one of the levels to accommodate your own circumstances, we can discuss that as well. This is a time to answer questions and get a better grasp of what participation in the challenge entails. It is helpful to have read through the information on the Whole Life Challenge website ahead of the session.

If you know you are in but haven’t yet signed up, you can remedy that right now. Sign up is through this link at the Whole Life Challenge. Please make sure to choose Catacombs Fitness as your team or we won’t know that you are out there.