Late Cancels and No-Shows


Late Cancels and No-Shows

The Middle School T-Up! crew has been killing it of late. Monday and Wednesday at 4 PM for ages 10-14.

The Middle School T-Up! crew has been killing it of late. Monday and Wednesday at 4 PM for ages 10-14.

I hate writing posts like this. I’m much better at encouraging, cheering, and challenging you. But a problem has been worsening over the last couple of weeks and we need to address it. Several athletes have missed their opportunity to work out at 5:30 or 6:30 AM due to late cancels and no-shows. Classes that appear to be at capacity the night before end up with empty slots the next morning. Full classes are going to happen on occasion if we continue to commit to small class sizes and individualized coaching…which we will. Unfortunately, it is happening far too often and penalizing those athletes that conscientiously follow the rules.

Here is the thing people. You can’t possibly expect that canceling out of your 6:30 AM workout at 11:30 the night before is going to be helpful to the person that is on the wait list for that class. It is not. Yes, you avoid the no-show list, but it is SUPER uncool. Did you really only realize at that point that class was going to be impossible for you to make? We all have things that come up that result in a RARE missed class. I get it. Life happens. But a big part of what makes our system and community work is the mutual respect that we all have for one another. A few of you are abusing this to the detriment of others. 

As I write this, there are spots available in every single class we offer next week. As you plan your week, think realistically about the days and times that you are going to attend and sign up for those classes. Then, commit to putting a structure in place that supports your decision to workout on those days and times. If your schedule changes, as they sometimes do, please cancel your class reservation as soon as you recognize the conflict.

For our part, we have changed the cancelation window to 12 hours prior to class. It seems reasonable that you should know by 6 PM if you are not going to make it to an early morning class. This gives Zen Planner enough time to notify someone on the wait list that there is a spot for them in class and allow them to plan on making it. 

If you normally attend noon or evening classes, this post and change in cancelation window is not directed at you. There is plenty of capacity and no one ever misses a workout because class was full. If you’ve never been guilty of the infractions described above, this post is not directed at you either. Thank you for demonstrating thoughtfulness and consideration. If there continue to be problems with this issue, we will be forced to institute a no-show fee or other punitive measure. I am hopeful that a gentle reminder and procedure change will be enough to take care of it though. Let’s have a great week!

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  1. jan

    Livi is LOVING T-UP! thank you Coach Dustin, & Tracie for creating such a fun place for our kids to discover how much they love exercise!

  2. Beth

    I was having trouble with this because of my work. Emergency call-outs at the hospital happen for me, personally quite a bit. So I switched my workouts to afternoons when it is less likely. I apologize for any inconvenience.