The Week Ahead


The Week Ahead

Let's hope this translates to pedaling up Coal Bank Pass!

Let’s hope this translates to pedaling up Coal Bank Pass!

The week ahead promises to be a very exciting one. For those of you participating in the Iron Horse festivities, whether the ride to Silverton, the mountain bike race, or Narrow Horse Swim, or the Narrow Gauge Run, we wish you the best. Put those early morning thrusters and sweltering 400M runs to good use. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Here are some reminders for the week ahead.

Don’t forget that Monday is Memorial Day Murph. This is a community wide event so bring your friends. We will have scaled options for everyone. This day is about remembering those men and women in the armed forces who gave their lives to protect our country. Regardless of your political views, we can all appreciate that many have given their lives to protect our freedom. Heats start at 8:30 and 9 AM with potluck brunch to follow. You do not need to sign up online.

The new summer schedule begins on Tuesday. You will see some shifts in which coaches are on the floor for different classes but most importantly, you will see a new 9:30 AM class on the schedule. This is a reflection of our commitment to keeping classes small so that you get the individualized coaching you need to stay safe and improve your fitness.

Catacombs Endurance Team Kickoff Meeting is Thursday (June 2) at 6 PM. If you are part of the team, this is your chance to get the overview of the program and meet the coaches and teammates. Haven’t signed up yet? Time to stop procrastinating. 

Finally, I have been a little scarce around the gym this week as I’ve been preparing for my CrossFit Level 3 Certification Exam on Friday. While I much prefer coaching to studying, this exam is no joke and has required a serious amount of focus and preparation. I have learned much in the process and can’t wait to put it all to good use next week when I can be back on the coaching floor with full focus. Pass or fail, I will be a better coach for working through the process. Thank you coaches for shouldering much of the load at the gym this week. 

There will be no Open Gym this Saturday. If you aren’t riding in the Iron Horse, GET OUTSIDE!

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