Bigger Isn’t Better


Bigger Isn’t Better

Greetings Catacombs Family–

As most of you know, we are passionate about keeping class sizes small. We believe that it is our responsibility to coach every single athlete in every single class and keeping classes small is the only way to do this effectively. As our membership continues to grow, we’ve noticed that some of our classes are routinely at or above capacity. From a business standpoint, that is fantastic! As an athlete though, it makes your favorite class harder to get into and occasionally means you get less attention in class. We know that most of you do not have the luxury to work out at any time of the day, so even if there is space at another time, that doesn’t help you. 

At Catacombs, we have built our business by always putting our athletes first and asking how we can best help and support them. We will never deviate from that model even when the economic benefit is not immediately apparent. Sure, cramming more bodies into a single coached class is more profitable in the short term, but it runs counter to why we do what we do. In line with that philosophy, we are adding a 9:30 AM class every day of the week beginning in June. This should alleviate some of the pressure at 8:30 and better accommodate summer schedules. This will ensure that we can continue to offer you the individualized coaching and personal attention you deserve. 

There are many places you can go to work out in large groups or do your own thing. There are certainly nicer buildings, fancier equipment, and shinier marketing. We believe that you come to us because you recognize the value of being coached. In small groups, we have the opportunity to perfect form, individualize workouts, and better keep you safe. We can cut through ego and intimidation to truly get some work done. This translates to better results, reduced injury rate, and an athlete-coach bond that is not found elsewhere. Smaller classes also facilitate a supportive community. It allows us to know and support one another along the way. We will continue to honor this commitment to you as we are humbled and grateful that you trust us to be your partner in your health and fitness journey.