More on the Spring Challenge


More on the Spring Challenge

The 2016 Catacombs Spring Challenge kicks off on Sunday, April 17th. Sign up is available NOW at the front desk. If you are planning on doing measurements with PHD Advanced Nutrition, we need to know by Thursday. Mark it on the Sign Up Sheet. There is a Draft version of the Challenge Packet at the front desk as well if you need a little more clarity on the rules. The Final Challenge Packet will be emailed to all committed participants on Saturday. Whether you have done a challenge in the past or this is your first rodeo, you’ll find a ton of helpful information below.


The Packet Has Arrived!

The Packet Has Arrived!


What is the Catacombs Spring Challenge?

At the heart of it, the Spring Challenge is a 6-week Paleo and quantity based food challenge designed to help athletes eat clean for a solid 6-week period. In addition, the challenge incorporates additional indicators of health and wellness such as sleep, working out, doing mobility, and completing a personal goal.

“In short, the challenge is this: Eat real food in reasonable quantities for 6 weeks. Take care of yourself inside and outside the gym.”

How much does it cost?

Participation in the challenge is $50. Pre and Post Challenge measurements are available through PHD Advanced Nutrition for $30 on Saturday, April 16th. If you are participating in the measurements component, we need to know by Thursday!

How can I sign-up?

The sign up sheet is on the front desk. Payment can be made via cash or check through the end of this week.

What if I have (insert important social event such as wedding, bachelorette party, company dinner here) during the challenge? Can I still participate or will I be out?

Our goal is not to show you that to achieve health and wellness you must live like a hobbit for 6 weeks. There are mechanisms built into the challenge to allow individuals to make choices and not be “out” of the challenge. So yes, you’re good to attend your bachelorette party or go on your annual guys mountain bike trip. We want to make this work for you.