Nutrition Workshop


Nutrition Workshop

Workout of the Day–March 14, 2016

The Kids' heat was a highlight of Friday Night LIghts. Check out our facebook and instagram for more fun photos.

The Kids’ heat was a highlight of Friday Night LIghts. Check out our facebook and instagram for more fun photos.

1 Round of:
  100 Double-unders
  50 Air squats
  25 Push press (95/65)
Then, 2 rounds of:
  60 Double-unders
  30 Air squats
  15 Push press
Then, 3 rounds of:
  40 Double-unders
  20 Air squats
 10 Push press

Nutrition Workshop

I am super excited to drop the news that we have partnered with PHD Advanced Nutrition to help us raise the bar on the nutrition front. Several athletes at Catacombs have been working with Dr. Ashley Lucas of PHD Advanced Nutrition. So, Ashley and I got our heads together and decided to bring the message to the masses. Yes, her message is similar to mine, but she has the science, education, and depth of experience to back it up. I walked away from my meeting with her with much to think about. I think you will too. 

You all know my philosophy that fitness is born in the gym but raised in the kitchen. It is so easy to fall victim to the mentality that the work we do in the gym earns us a pass on the nutrition front. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. If you are truly serious about improving your health and making a change, you must address your nutrition. There is no other way around it. So, here are the details. Please put this on your calendar and plan to attend. 

Nutrition Workshop — Saturday March 19

10 AM–Individual measurements of skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat, and metabolic age with Dr. Lucas. We will have a sign up sheet at the front desk this week.

11 AM–Chalk Talk and Discussion

  • What do measurements of muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age really mean?
  • Basics of biochemistry and metabolism as it relates to what you put in your piehole
  • Nutritional variations for performance, fat loss, or adding mass
  • Supplements…do they make sense?
  • And oh so much more. Bring your questions.

Learn more about Dr. Lucas by checking out the PhD Advanced Nutrition website: