Why Thursday Isn’t My Rest Day


Why Thursday Isn’t My Rest Day

Workout of the Day–March 3, 2016

Wall Balls (20/14)
EMOM 10 Slam Balls


Anyone still feeling Tuesdsay's Deadlifts?

Anyone still feeling Tuesdsay’s Deadlifts?


Why Thursday Isn’t My Rest Day


As many of you have figured out by now, we (meaning the Catacombs Coaching Staff) do not program the workouts for the CrossFit Open. In fact, we don’t even know what they are prior to the announcements on Thursday nights. While that presents a bit of a challenge when programming the rest of the week, it doesn’t really change anything. Most of you don’t know what the Workout of the Day is before you get to the gym anyway. Still, there is a risk that we program something on Thursday that makes Friday’s Open Workout more challenging…either from soreness or from having done similar movements two days in a row. If you are serious about competing in the CrossFit Open, it makes good sense to take Thursday as a rest day to be ready for Friday. You’ve done all the training to be ready, so why take the risk?

But for the vast majority of us (me included), the CrossFit Open Workout on Friday is just another workout. Sure it will be challenging, and it is always fun to be at your best with a crowd watching, but at the end of the day, it is just a workout.  In years past, I have known people (okay, maybe I’ve been one) whose fitness actually decreased during the five weeks of the Open. It is possible to get so wrapped up in doing well in one particular workout that you miss out on training opportunities in order to “be ready” for Friday. If you’ve worked hard all week and deserve a rest day, by all means, take one. In my case, I’ve only gotten two workouts in over the last five days so it makes more sense for me to train hard on Thursday and just let the chips fall where they may on Friday. I hope some of you join me for this gem of a workout on Thursday.

While we are on the topic of the CrossFit Open, I’d like to suggest one more idea. Unless you are registered for the official CrossFit Open and are required to complete one of the official versions of the workout, let us help you scale to a version that will get you the best workout. Don’t lose track of the idea that we are all in this to better ourselves.