Happenings and Announcements


Happenings and Announcements

Bonnie put up some serious split jerks yesterday morning.

Bonnie put up some serious split jerks yesterday morning.

Workout of the Day–March 16, 2016

Part 1:
Single leg Split Squat

Part 2:
7 Minute EMOM
5 Pull Ups
10 Wall balls (20/14)

Happenings and Announcements

There is so much going on at Catacombs right now that an entire post is needed to cover it all. If you have questions on any of the following, please feel free to post to comments and we will answer for everyone. I hope to see you all at these awesome upcoming events. 

Catacombs Supports the Durango Derailers and the Courage Classic– As many of you know, the Courage Classic is an annual bike ride and fundraiser for Children’s Hospital. We have several members who annually participate in this event and families that have dealt with the burden of having sick or injured kids that needed the support of Children’s Hospital. The Durango Derailers is a team of riders that participate in this event and raise money to help families from Durango and southwest Colorado with travel costs associated with treatment at Children’s Hospital. This team is headed up by our own Laura Shelton. For Friday Night Lights this week, we are asking for donations to help support this fantastic cause. We will have a donation bucket at the front desk all day on Friday for cash or checks or you can contribute via the Durango Derailers Fundraising Site. Catacombs will match the first $250 raised via this event. 

Nutrition Workshop THIS SATURDAY–Don’t miss this guys. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of taking your nutrition seriously. It’s always the first question I ask when someone comes to talk to me about getting more serious with their training or how to make bigger gains in the gym. If you are neglecting this variable, you are leaving money on the table when it comes to improving your health and fitness. Come learn why and hear the perspective of someone that lives in this field. Discussion and chalk talk at 11:00. Body composition measurements between 10 and 11.

Restorative Yoga–Free Restorative Yoga class with Nick Gould on Monday at 7 PM. This will be a regular feature beginning in early April (except the free part). You will be hearing more about this in the near future, but don’t miss the chance to test drive it for free on Monday.

And don’t forget Friday Night Lights! Week 4 of the Catacombs Games kicks off this Friday. Regular classes are looking pretty full for Friday, so if you can workout in the evening, please do. If your only option is a regular group class, we will do our best to accommodate all comers. 



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  1. Bobbi Maiers

    Looking forward to both the nutrition workshop and the yoga test-drive! Thanks for these offerings.