Meet Karen


Meet Karen

Workout of the Day–February 11, 2016

Part 1:
Find a Heavy 3 Rep Deadlift

Part 2:
3 Deadlift @ 70% of above
6 Burpee over the bar

Part 3: Split Jerk and Pull Up Skill work



Meet Karen

Karen leads our Mobility Clinics and will be co-coaching with Dustin and Tracie in the coming weeks. Say “hi” when you see her…but she will probably beat you to it. We thought you’d like to know a little more about this person that has brought a whole new focus on mobility to Catacombs. In her words:

I was born and raised in Alaska, where I developed a love for the mountains and everything outdoors. I swam in high school and college, and discovered that I loved emergency medicine following a summer working as a lifeguard at Lake Tahoe. I completed paramedic school in Nevada and started working as a wildland firefighter.

In October of 2008, I was driving to work on a single-lane highway in Northern California. Approximately 12 miles out from the ambulance station where I worked, I came around a corner and was face-to-face with a pickup truck. It had crossed a double yellow line into my lane in an attempt to pass a big rig. There was nowhere to go. The speed of my car was 55 mph; the oncoming F-250 was going an estimated 65-70 mph. My car was struck head-on. The rescue crew spent an hour and a half cutting the car away and removing me from the wreckage. 

I have no memories of the impact, the extrication, helicopter flight, or first three weeks in
the ICU. I received three pints of donated blood, and my legs and hip were repaired with orthopedic parts. I underwent an additional surgery a few days later to repair my arms. The total number of fractures was estimated at 75. I was a re-built version of myself when I woke up; immobilized, in a hospital bed for 3 months. Another year of being wheelchair bound, learning to walk with crutches, painful physical therapy, and more surgery. After all this, I was “normal”. But it was 3 more years before I felt comfortable with the new version of me.

The recovery process is a long, arduous one. It was during my recovery that I found CrossFit and learned everything I could about functional fitness and mobility. I obtained my CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Mobility, and CrossFit Endurance certifications. During this time, I came to realize that my purpose here is to help and encourage others struggling with their own issues. Recovery from injury is possible–even becoming stronger than you ever thought you would be. Honestly, believing you can do it is 99% of the work, and having someone willing to show you and work alongside you is the other 1%.

As you might have guessed, mobility is my passion. It was my path back to a normal life and I believe it can make everyone’s life better. I am always happy to be a resource if I can help you with a mobility question. As a coach, my love is helping athletes improve their movement. Whether improving a technical lift or your position in a squat, expect me to be there with a cue or tweak to make it just a little better.

Thank you to everyone in the Catacombs community for welcoming Andy and me to your tribe. I look forward to working with all of you and learning from you as we build friendships and camaraderie through training together. 

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