Without a Goal…


Without a Goal…

Good Morning Catacombs Family–

Goal setting has been on my mind lately. I tend to swing this way in December as I reflect on all that has transpired in the past year. Today we are going to talk about the importance of setting goals. I believe this is relevant to all of us; regardless of whether your reasons for CrossFitting relate to losing weight, getting stronger and fitter, improving your health, reducing stress, or just being a better human. Why? Because goals are motivational. They get us in the gym on days when life would otherwise easily win the battle for our time. Somehow, it moves our training higher on the priority list. Having a goal in the back of our minds also subtly influences our nutrition choices and gives us a secondary purpose for our training.

The biggest benefit to setting and working toward goals in our training though, is that it gives us a roadmap of our progress and helps us develop an achievement mindset. On the dark days when progress seems elusive, a flip back through a logbook can provide powerful perspective on how far we have come. As with most things CrossFit, I believe this has a powerful application to life outside the gym as well whether it be career, personal development, or really any area that is important to us. Going through the motions of life without direction is not a recipe for deep fulfillment. 

I have used CrossFit as my primary method of fitness for over 8 years now. My goals have varied widely over that time and there have been periods with no goals or direction whatsoever. CrossFit still made me better and happier. I am at my best though when I am in the pursuit of a challenge or goal that I have deemed worthy of achieving. As an almost 45 year old wife and mother of 3 terrific kids, my goals are very different than they once were. That makes them no less important and I would argue, perhaps far more important than the PR dreams that once motivated me. 

There is more to come on this topic and some actions on which to execute in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned and start thinking about both your next milestones and your big dreams. We have a plan to help you get there.

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