Goals Part 3


Goals Part 3

May enjoying a little winter weather during Friday's workout. No, we don't change the workout when it snows :)

May enjoying a little winter weather during Friday’s workout. No, we don’t change the workout when it snows 🙂

The log books have been a big hit. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, we have a few left and the second shipment is arriving this week. Log books are valuable tools not only for charting your progress but also in keeping you motivated. They serve as a record of the highs and lows along the journey and are a testament to the consistency of your daily workouts.

I have loved my old log book. I have gone back to it many times for a bit of motivation or to remember the details of a particular workout. Recently however, I decided to retire it to the abyss of my office and start anew. You see, my old log book held the dreams of a different (and much younger) version of me. Many of the goals written in the front were achieved while others failed to gain traction and were abandoned along the way. I think it is time for some new goals, a fresh set of personal records (PRs) and a shift in focus. At first, that felt a little like a cop out; almost like I am giving myself permission to go slower, lift less, or dream smaller. But that is not the case at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I am eliminating the excuse and the language of “what I used to be able to do” and replacing it with the mantra of getting better everyday. Those PRs of 8 years ago represent a different time in my life and sometimes I can let the accomplishments of the past demotivate me in the present.

I have a starter set of new goals that I am working toward and I am establishing new baselines every day. It is fun to be starting fresh again. Try it for yourself. Grab a log book and start recording some workouts. Let yourself begin to think about what you want to accomplish in your fitness journey. I would encourage you not to limit yourself to 1-rep maxes or workout times in establishing your goals. Instead, ask yourself what you really want to get out of this. Maybe you want to lose 30 pounds or lower your blood pressure by 20 points. Perhaps you have a race goal or a sport specific goal. One of my goals is just around consistency. Start with the big goal, then let’s break it down into smaller milestones. I look forward to talking with you all about your goals at our Goal Setting Session on December 31. We are here to help.