Whole Life Challenge Wrap Up


Whole Life Challenge Wrap Up

Congratulations to all of you finishing the Whole Life Challenge this week. As with any challenge, it has had its ups and downs. Many of you have tackled some big stuff and I couldn’t be more proud of you. We lost a few along the way for a variety of reasons, but many of you accomplished far more than you thought you could. Without exception, we all learned something about ourselves along the way. I have participated in many of these challenges and never come once have I come away empty handed. There is always a lesson and I am always better for it. Which is why, as much as I complain about whatever it is that I am missing at the time, I will always participate. 

I am reminded again of how much power there is in the support of this amazing community. I was humbled by the honest and authentic sharing of many of the participants regarding their failures and struggles. Without fail, the community rallied around the struggler with a word of encouragement or suggestion to help. It made me very proud while at the same time remembering that true progress is only possible with honest and humble assessment. And it happens so much faster when we are willing to let others into our circle. The end of this challenge is bittersweet. Yes, I am ready to be done logging scores and saying no to foods that I enjoy. I did enjoy the excuse to mobilize, de-stress, and focus on gratitude. But more than anything, I will miss those nightly (or early morning) check ins with the others on this journey with me. 

If you missed this one, don’t worry. There will be another Whole Life Challenge in January and we will have a team once again. I know it is probably way too soon for those of you just wrapping this one up, but give it time. Friday is retest day for the intake workout and weights and measurements if you are tracking those as well. Many of you will see drastic changes; others will be more subtle. Regardless of your performance, it is just a data point on the journey. What you do with it is what matters.

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  1. Diane

    WLC has turned out/ended so differently than I ever thought it would. Initally I was "I can do this for eight weeks"! Easy. Just get started. Easy is the wrong choice of words! The first few weeks were easier than I thought, BUT along about week three or four, all I could think about was chocolate, sweets. Could hardly wait for the eight weeks to end so I could get back to old habits. Then my Birthday came around and Alison made that delicious family chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. Yes, I ate it, even ate two pieces! Was so good! BUT, I felt awful….stomach hurt, got mucous, felt like a slug. Finally the stars aligned! This is about changes for life, not just eight weeks. WOW! Does this mean I will never again eat a chocolate chip cookie or piece of chocolate cake or??? To me WLC means I can make the changes I WANT., the choices I want. As Lani has said " we can enjoy our indulgences! I love water more, and I LOVE feeling so much better!