Member Survey Wrap Up


Member Survey Wrap Up

Fox hitting a new 1RM deadlift for about 30 reps in Tuesday's workout.

Fox hitting a new 1RM deadlift for about 30 reps in Tuesday’s workout.

Hey Guys–

Thank you all for participating in our 2016 Member Survey. You provided us with tons of great feedback, legitimate constructive criticism, and some good ideas that we are already working on. While the survey is now closed, we are always open to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

There were some common themes that came through loud and clear. While we don’t have answers for all of them right now, I want you to know that they are on our radar and we are working on them. By far, the biggest category of feedback related to the size of our gym, class sizes, or a request for more classes. We hear you. We are actively working on long term solutions and greatly appreciate your patience and support. Hang with us here.

In the meantime, recognize that limiting our class sizes and coaching every athlete in every class has been a cornerstone of our philosophy from Day 1. We believe that athletes progress more quickly toward their goals, are less likely to get injured, and get more out of every workout with that level of attention and focus. We are as committed as ever to this belief. While membership remains open to new athletes wanting to join our community (yes, please still invite your friends), we will not be running a New Year’s membership push or discounting rates to attract droves of new members.  Our commitment is to you and our focus is on creating an even better experience for you in the first part of 2017. We are also evaluating some additional class times and Open Gym times to create more opportunities for you to get your workouts in. 

Thank you for all the kind words about our coaching staff. You inspire us every day and we are grateful to have you in our lives. First and foremost, we are committed to your goals and your successes. We are also committed to constantly improving our knowledge base and our coaching skills as this is our professional pursuit. We are having an all-day coaching intensive in December, Dustin is working toward his Level 3 certification, and we are planning our continuing education calendar for 2017. We will not disappoint you in our ongoing commitment to being the best coaching staff around.

Finally, many of you commented about the accountability and support of the community. Nothing makes me feel more proud than hearing your feedback about the Catacombs Community has been a game changer for you. It has been our mission from the beginning to create an environment where every individual feels safe and supported in the pursuit of their health and fitness goals. While we lay this out as an expectation for anyone interested in joining the gym, you, the community of Catacombs, are the ones that have delivered on this in spades. So, thank you.

That wraps up the 2016 Member Survey. Thank you all for your participation. Like I said, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Keep an eye out as we continue to make changes and improvements that will allow us to be even better in 2017.