A Little Inspiration for Your Week


A Little Inspiration for Your Week

Hey Guys–

Think you have a tough week in front of you? This video from CrossFit.com will provide a little perspective. I am a sucker for an inspirational video and this one does not disappoint. As I write this, it is the morning after Thanksgiving. I am up early and the house is quiet. The glow of Thanksgiving lingers and I’m still relishing the satisfaction of hearing my family reflect on their gratitudes last evening. As most people’s attention turns to shopping and the holidays yet to come, my focus remains squarely on how truly blessed and fortunate I am in my life. My intention for the week ahead is to remain in this space and fight off the tendency to live in “overwhelmed land”…where I seem to spend so much of my energy. 

With the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge kicked off and three full weeks before Winter Break hits, I’m committed to 3 solid weeks of living right. What does living right mean? Well, for me it means going back to the tenets that I know will keep me on track:

1.) Focus on nutrition: No sugar, very limited processed carbohydrates, limited alcohol. 
2,) Have a plan for each week: meal plan, workout plan, administrative hours, and kids’ plans.
3.) Exercise every single day: Hit 3 group classes each week and get at least 20 minutes of movement on the other days…hello Concept 2.
4.) Make sleep a priority…but don’t obsess over it when it falls short. 
5.) Start every day with clarity around the most important things to accomplish that day.

If any of that resonates with you, feel free to steal it. If not, find your own definition of living right and commit to it for the next 3 weeks. 

See you at the gym.