Crocktoberfest Details


Crocktoberfest Details

It’s ON! I am fired up about the excitement around the gym for Crocktoberfest. It’s going to be a rocking good time. Yes, there will be prizes. Yes, you can bring spouses, children, and friends. No, you do not have to do the workout on Friday night to participate. Read on for more information.

Prizes: We will be offering 1st place and Runner Up for best Crocktoberfest entries in two different categories. The first category will be for Whole Life Challenge approved entries. We have around 30 athletes that are in the middle of the WLC and we want this to support their efforts…not set them back. Please see the WLC website for rules around what is compliant and what is not. The other category will be an “anything goes” category. Again, we will award 2 deep in this category. If you don’t mind sharing, bring the recipe as well so we can share the goodness.

Workout: Friday’s workout has two different components to it that will be coached in group classes throughout the day. We will only be performing one of those components at FNL as a coached workout, but you will be free to perform the 2nd component on your own.

No Crockpot? Well, get one as they are lifesavers, but don’t let that be a reason not to come. Feel free to bring side dishes or drinks to supplement the festivities. Catacombs will provide utensils, bowls, plates, etc. Please bring your own serving utensils.

Drinks? Catacombs will supply WLC compliant beverages. Feel free to bring other drinks to share.

We will start warming up the first heat at 5 PM. Festivities typically wrap up around 8 PM.