Holy Mobility, Batman!


Holy Mobility, Batman!

Workout of the Day–February 1st, 2016

Milestone Workout #5
5 Push Press (75/55lbs)
6 Toes to Bar
7 Thruster (75/55lbs)
20 Min EMOM



Partner mobility work keeps you honest and doesn't let you skip the sticky spots.

Partner mobility work keeps you honest and doesn’t let you skip the sticky spots.


Holy Mobility, Batman!

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the gym on the Saturday morning after Snowdown craziness to find 24 Catacombs athletes anxiously awaiting our first ever Mobility Clinic! While most of Durango was shaking out the cobwebs or already back into the Snowdown festivities, you guys were working weaknesses. It is almost like you get that your mobility limitations impact your workouts, your injury risk, and your overall functional health. Thanks for showing up in full-force, being willing to move out of your comfort zone and try some different things. You guys never stop impressing me. 

And a huge shout out to Karen. Thanks for guiding us through some mobility, helping us laugh when we wanted to cry and leading by example. 

And yes, more foam rollers and lacrosse balls are on the way!

Finally, thanks to all of you for the cards, kind words, gifts, and participation in my crazy birthday workout. You fill me with gratitude and I’m overwhelmed by your kindness.