Catacombs Endurance Team


Catacombs Endurance Team

Workout of the Day–July 9th, 2015

80 Squats
70 Pushups
60 1-legged squats (alternating)
50 cal row
40 1-arm OH Squats (35/25 DB or KB)
30 HSPU 
20 KB Thrusters 
10 Muscle Ups


Robin is a strong guy. He's getting stronger because he isn't afraid to take weight off the bar and move well.

Robin is a strong guy. He’s getting stronger because he isn’t afraid to take weight off the bar and move well.


Catacombs Endurance Team

We have been working hard to put together a program for aspiring endurance athletes. I have long been a fan of CrossFit Endurance as a training protocol for endurance sports. The hours and miles of long slow distance training left many of us with overuse injuries and lacking power. CrossFit Endurance is a radically different way to train that pairs the high intensity and constantly varied training of CrossFit with focused sport-specific training. 

We have a strong community of endurance athletes within Catacombs and there are lots more endurance athletes out there that would benefit from some cross-training in the form of CrossFit. There are also lots of folks out there that would like to complete or PR a half marathon but lack the structure, coaching, or discipline to do it on their own. This program is for all of you. Catacombs and the Durango Running Company are partnering with the Durango Double to bring you a fun, team-based 10-week half marathon training program. 

This program is packed with perks that will more than cover the cost of participation ($200) including race entry to the Durango Double, a team hoodie, a $50 gift card to the Durango Running Co., a customized training plan, and access to some of the best endurance coaching you will find anywhere. And as always at Catacombs, the accountability and camaraderie of the community keep you on track when your own motivation wanes. Want more information or ready to sign up? Check out the Catacombs Endurance Team page.