No Barbell Wednesday


No Barbell Wednesday

Workout of the Day–July, 22, 2015

5 rounds for time
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
Rest 3 min between rounds


B-Lott has been back in the house lately...and look at that depth! Glad to have you back B-Lott; it just wasn't the same without you.

B-Lott has been back in the house lately…and look at that depth! Glad to have you back B-Lott; it just wasn’t the same without you.



No Barbell Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Catacombs Community–

I feared mutiny if another day of thrusters or barbell work appeared today. Not to worry, today’s workout is a classic “Girl WOD”. What does that mean? Well, it is a CrossFit benchmark, that’s what. That means it is one that you should ABSOLUTELY log in ZP. I love all the energy lately around logging scores. Get it figured out now. The contest begins August 1st. More on that later but the gist of the contest is that the male and female that log the most scores in ZP for the month of August get a free t-shirt from the new apparel line. There will also be a drawing for another t-shirt for everyone that logs 10 or more scores for the month of August.

Barbara is a beast of a workout. As always, we will have scaled options for everyone and there will be an option that works for you. Shave down those callouses though. Don’t be the sad panda with ripped hands at the end of this one. See you tomorrow!