Nothing Happens Overnight


Nothing Happens Overnight

Workout of the Day–July 21, 2015

16 Min AMRAP
Run 200 m
Thrusters (115/85)
(1 the 1st round, 2 the 2nd round, 3 the 3rd, etc.)
Thrusters increase after every 200 m run.
Score is the largest # of thrusters completed.


Dustin laying it out for the Middle school t-up! Crew. It's not too late to get a head start on your fall sport. these guys are going to be ready!

Dustin laying it out for the Middle school t-up! Crew. It’s not too late to get a head start on your fall sport. these guys are going to be ready!


Nothing Happens Overnight

That was the title of a blog post that I read this weekend. The gist of it was that fitness, body composition, or really any major change takes time. Even if that change is in a less than ideal direction. In other words, you don’t lose your fitness, gain a ton of weight or drift off course overnight. It happens in moments and days and weeks and years. It is in the 100 little decisions we make every day. But none of it happens without the one big decision to change. 

A couple of weeks ago,I wrote a post on the power of momentum. I publicly recommitted to my workout routine in that post and made it stick…with your help. I made 4 CrossFit workouts, a bike ride and a run in that week alone. But I didn’t come out of that week as a CrossFit Games athlete or even putting up times and loads that rivaled my personal bests. I only came out better than where I started…and on the right track to continue improving. Big ships don’t steer easily. The goal of that week was shifting momentum. By any account, we will call that one a success.

But many of you know that the maintenance mode is almost more challenging than the “new start” mode. We expect new starts to hurt and to have to suffer a little bit. The energy of change gets us up in the morning and the longing for a better version of ourselves won’t let us slack. But the newness wears off and the absence of immediate results sometimes turns into a voice of discouragement and disappointment. No longer does it suffice to just finish the workout and go through the motions. Our expectations often rise faster than our adaptation to the strength and conditioning protocol. At least mine do. What I have found over the years is that these expectations can sometimes be the enemy of progress. 

Immediate gratification is rare in the CrossFit world…especially after your first few months of rapid gains. The good stuff comes after the long haul and it sticks with us long after our ability to maintain 4x per week CrossFit workouts. The residual fitness that lasts even after a stressful month that kept you from the gym is a rock solid foundation. The expedited recovery from unexpected illness because your body was strong and healthy is proven and priceless. The inner voice that reminds you of the obstacles that you’ve already overcome and the “never quit” attitude that will get you through the trials of life that threaten to break you provides unmatched fortitude.

So it is true…nothing happens overnight. Good or bad. A few weeks off track does not leave you back at ground zero anymore than 3 consistent weeks of training makes you a CrossFit Bada$$. Let’s keep the long view and continue moving the dial toward health, fitness, and wellness. Very few of us are in this for anything more than longterm fitness and wellness so let’s keep our eyes on that prize.