It’s Monday


It’s Monday

Workout of the Day–July 13, 2015


Wall ball (20/14)

Double unders

Must go unbroken. Three burpees for every drop or miss.


Front Squat: 3-3-3-3-3 (3 second pause at the bottom of each squat)


If this is you, you'd better make time to get to the gym today. Show Monday who's boss.

If this is you, you’d better make time to get to the gym today. Show Monday who’s boss.


It’s Monday

Last week was such a good week. Many of our newer athletes took on some tough workouts and are beginning to build some stamina. We’ve taken a little bit of a break from our strength cycle in deference to some longer WODs in the past couple of weeks. Fear not, the lifting sets are back this week and paired with higher intensity met-cons. For those of you that love the long slog, we’ve got some of that programmed too. And don’t forget the CrossFit Endurance WOD tonight.

If you manage to make Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday WODs, I encourage you to check out Thursday yoga. It’s the perfect balance to CrossFit and will only make you better. Yoga is offered every Thursday at 9:30 and Sunday at 4:30.

Now, quit reading the blog and finish signing up for your classes for the week on ZenPlanner. Yes, we are still working out some kinks but I think we are 90% there. And don’t forget to log your scores after your workouts. Especially those strength numbers!