Give a Coach a High Five


Give a Coach a High Five

Workout of the Day–July 1st, 2015

2k Row/1 mile Run
50 Wall Balls
1k Row/ 800m Run
35 Wall Balls
500m Row/ 400m Run
20 Wall Balls


Dustin wears many hats at Catacombs including heading up our kids' programs.

Dustin wears many hats at Catacombs including heading up our kids’ programs.


Give a Coach a High Five

As you read this, I am checked out with my family on a 5 day river trip. This post was written in the midst of a flurry of planning for the Anniversary Party, programming workouts, contingency plans for my absence, and prepping the coaches to hold down the fort while I am gone. All with a week old gym management system and plenty of kinks left to be ironed out. 

As I’ve handed off more and more responsibility to them over the past week and ultimately the keys to the business while I am gone, I am filled with gratitude for their commitment to Catacombs and their genuine concern for you, the athletes. Time away is critical to reconnect with family and friends and to recharge the batteries. It is a precious commodity though and many small business owners never achieve it. I am incredibly appreciative of the Catacombs Coaching Staff and their ability to run the ship while I am away. So do me a favor please. When you see John, Dustin, or Lane this week, give them a high five for me and tell them how awesome they are.

Thanks coaches for continually challenging yourselves to be the best in the business at what you do and for always asking the question, “How can I help?”