Americans Get Heavier


Americans Get Heavier

Workout of the Day–June 18th, 2015

Grab your favorite workout buddy and come throw down on this deceptively simple workout. Don’t worry, we have plenty more planned to fill your hour with fun.

10 min AMRAP
10 Wall balls (20/14)
Score # of burpees completed; switch roles every 10 wall balls.

Strength: Front Squat  2-2-2-2-2


Our Free Intro Class did a version of this workout a couple of weeks ago. Let's see how the veterans fair...

Our Free Intro Class did a version of this workout a couple of weeks ago. Let’s see how the veterans fair…


Americans Get Heavier

The Washington Post recently published an article detailing the evolution of weight in Americans over the last 50 years. It isn’t the most intellectually stimulating article and most of what it says is common knowledge to a well-educated crew like yourselves. Still, I found the article interesting and liked their analogies. The comparisons to historical weights for Americans and to our modern day counterparts in other countries made their points pop:

The average American is 33 pounds heavier than the average Frenchman, 40 pounds heavier than the average Japanese citizen, and a whopping 70 pounds heavier than the average citizen of Bangladesh. To add up to one ton of total mass, it takes 20 Bangladeshis but only 12.2 Americans.

And while I know that we don’t have all the answers to what makes us overweight, I like the simplicity of their suggested causes:

But story is mostly one of growing girth, and it basically boils down to three factors: we’re eating less healthy food, we’re eating more of it, and we’re not moving around as much.

And might I add, “we aren’t doing enough CrossFit”. You can read the full article here. Happy Thursday!