Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Greetings Catacombs Tribe–

We have a lot of events coming up in the next month and I wanted to give you a quick preview of what’s happening. There will be more details around all of these coming soon, but mark your calendar and get excited for what’s in store.

May 25th–Memorial Day Murph–This is always a little tricky in Iron Horse Territory, but we are doing it anyway. We will kick it off on Monday at 9 AM. As always we will have scaled options and something for everyone…even if you ride to Silverton on Saturday. Feel free to bring your friends and family as well as your favorite brunch dish to share. 

June 4th–Ladies Night Spend an evening with your gal pals getting a great workout in. This is a casual opportunity to get to know some women from other classes and enjoy working out in an all-female environment. Following the workout, we will drink some wine, chat about how things are going at the gym, and enjoy hanging out with the coolest chics in Durango. Feel free to bring your non-Catacombs friends to test the waters. 

June 8th–T-UP! Kickoff–The youth strength and conditioning program that Durango has been missing is finally here. If you know middle school or high school aged athletes that want to improve strength, stamina, and endurance; it is time to T-UP! All the details are available HERE

June 25th–Anniversary Party–Yes, we know we are a little late on this, but we want to do it right. This is our opportunity to thank all of you that have made Catacombs the incredible place that it is in the last year. You took a chance on us and trusted us with your health and fitness. We’ve seen amazing transformations and accomplishments over the last year and want to celebrate with all of you. We are finalizing details now, but this is going to be a party that you don’t want to miss. Coincidentally, this also marks the end of the Whole Life Challenge 🙂

CrossFit Endurance/Durango Double Training Group: I can’t divulge too many details around this one yet as there are other factors at work.  But if your goal is to improve your running or endurance in longer efforts, we have a big announcement coming in the next month. Sorry, I know it is cruel to tease you like that…

Barbell Club: Summer will also mark the launch of the Barbell Club. For those of you that want to lift heavy and be around others of like interest, this is for you. The doors will be open and the music will be loud. These will be programmed, coached workouts with an emphasis on building strength with the major lifts. No running, rowing, burpees, or box jumps allowed!