Upcoming Muscle Up Clinic


Upcoming Muscle Up Clinic

Your first car, your first date, your first first house…all moments you will never forget. Many of you would like to include “your first muscle up” in that list. We saw many of you bravely attempt them in the CrossFit Open this year and some of you are VERY CLOSE. Getting your first muscle up is a right of passage for many CrossFitters, but it rarely happens without dedicated practice along with a solid progression. Mastery of this movement is no different than mastering pull ups or double unders. It is a skill that requires a baseline amount of strength followed by consistent practice of the technique. If a muscle up is on your horizon now or a dream to accomplish a year from now, there are steps you can be working on now to make that dream a reality.

Join Coach Lane and Dustin for a Muscle Up Clinic this Saturday (4/25) at 10:30. We will go deep into the technique, breaking down the form and concepts behind the muscle up, working one on one with individual athletes to identify the next step in the progression, then finishing with a scaled Muscle Up WOD. This is an hour to an hour and a half long session (ending at 12). Be prepared to take notes and leave with assigned homework to get you further down the path to accomplishing this movement. Our goal is to help progress each of you to the next step in mastering muscle ups. Whether you have a few MUs and struggle with linking them or are scared to death of the rings, there will be something in it for you.

We will start from scratch and no previous experience is required. Leave your ego and prior frustrations with muscle ups at the door and be prepared to dig in and fail a little along the way.

Price: $10 for Catacombs members. 

Dustin struggling through the end of the Muscle Ups on 15.3

Lane whipping out Muscle Ups in 15.3