Stuff You Should Know


Stuff You Should Know

So many things to tell you about, remind you about, and encourage you to jump into. We will be elaborating on many of these in subsequent posts, but if you want more info, just ask a coach. 

Morgan killing squat cleans the other day. She's in for the Whole Life Challenge too, so look out!

Morgan killing squat cleans the other day. She’s in for the Whole Life Challenge too, so look out!

Whole Life Challenge: This kicks off on May 2. We have over 20 athletes signed up and I believe this is going to be a life changing experience for many. I’m really excited to put some focused energy on nutrition, stretching, stress management, and lifestyle choices with the accountability and support of the community backing me up. There is still time to sign up if you want to be a part of this. And why wouldn’t you? The Kickoff Event is Friday May 1st at 6 PM. All athletes participating need to complete the intake workout on Friday either during regular class time, at the Kickoff Event, or make arrangements with a coach to get it done. We will do weights and measurements and confirm Challenge Levels during this time as well.

T-Up!: Our middle school and high school strength and conditioning program is taking a huge leap this summer as we TURN UP strength, power, speed, explosiveness, and overall athleticism. Make gains in your chosen sport by putting focused work into your mental and physical game this summer.  More details coming, but this will be a comprehensive program running Monday thru Friday. Middle School crew meets from 9-10:30. High school crew meets from 10:30-12. Email [email protected] for more info.

Benchmark Board: Another tool in tracking progress is coming your way. This is your place to track PRs in the basic lifts as well as a select few benchmark workouts. Tracking progress can be incredibly motivational and we have more in the works along these lines so start building the habit now. Look for this in the next week by the back door and get ready to start tackling some benchmark workouts and knowing once and for all what those 1 rep maxes are!