Whole Life Challenge Kickoff Event


Whole Life Challenge Kickoff Event

I love to work out. I like the feeling of training hard; knowing that I’m doing something to improve my health, my appearance, my life. It is the best outlet I have for dealing with my negative emotions. Even a bad workout leaves me in a better place and more ready to deal with whatever life throws at me. I advocate exercise for everyone as I believe it has an important role in a healthy lifestyle and is a critical component to achieving fitness. 

The truth is however, that no matter how many hours you put in at the gym, true fitness cannot be achieved without proper nutrition. Nutrition is the base that all fitness builds from. It impacts performance, weight loss, muscle gain, and overall health. Nutrition is the catalyst that allows change to take off. Without this crucial piece of the puzzle, true fitness is not possible. But for me at least, nutrition is a lot less fun to work on than training hard. One of the reasons that I like the Whole Life Challenge is that it gives us a platform to work on all aspects of fitness including nutrition, without feeling the drudgery of “going it alone”. As we’ve all experienced in the exercise domain, community inspires us to be better than we would be on our own.

I hope you all take the opportunity to join us in this challenge. There is truly something in it for everyone and really nothing to lose. There is no substitute for doing the hard work, but this format and the support of our community can go a long way toward finally slaying the nutrition and stress demons that have been holding you back. The cost of participation is only $39 if you sign up by April 15. That is Tuesday. After that, the cost goes up to $49…still a bargain for two months of structured work to get you further down the road toward your goals. But don’t procrastinate. Make the commitment today then start harassing your friends and family to join you.


Adding whole foods, eating in proper quantities, removing the processed garbage. These are simple steps in the right direction, and with the right support, huge changes can be made in your life. They are not only simple, but also necessary.

Whole Life Challenge Kickoff and Intake Workout: We determine progress in the gym by tracking benchmark workouts. Likewise, for this challenge we will measuring specific parameters prior to the challenge and once it is completed. These parameters include biometric markers like weight and waist circumference, performance parameters from an intake workout, and before and after photos. We will complete this intake, throw down on the workout, and celebrate the start of the journey together. If you are doing the challenge, please make every effort to attend. If you absolutely can’t make the kickoff event, let Tracie know and we will make special arrangements to get you sorted out. This event is for WLC participants only.

Date: Friday May 1st; 5-7 PM (Friday Night Lights Style)

Bring a dish to share (does NOT have to be WLC compliant) and a beverage to share (last chance for beer for 2 months). Come prepared to workout and bring last minute questions.