15.1 and 15.1a in the books


15.1 and 15.1a in the books

Great job last Friday night on our first CrossFit Open workout! The camaraderie and support from the community was inspiring and many not only hit new PRs but pushed beyond previously self-imposed limits. That’s going to pay off in a big way in training over the coming months as you will now be a little more comfortable “going to the dark place” in your workouts. One of the great aspects of the CrossFit Open is the opportunity to feed off of each other’s energy to push past previously established walls. That happened in spades on Friday night and it was really fun to watch and be a part of. Shout out to Coach Lane for finishing with a score of 188 on 15.1, and a clean and jerk of 285 lbs on 15.1a, placing him 81st (out of 7,477) overall in the Southwest Region! 


It’s time for some of us to take that next step in training, so this week we are kicking off Accountability Groups. Accountability Groups are a way to keep each other on track and a fantastic way to build stronger bonds within the community.  Sign up sheet is on the front counter of the gym. Read the blog post just below this one for more details.

15.2 drops in Catacombs this Friday at 5pm. Just like last Friday, we will have signup sheets for heats upon arrival. Bring some grub, beer, and a friend to help cheer you on in the second workout of the Open. If you cannot make it to FNL, we will still be doing 15.2 all day long in our regular classes.